Photo of Jason Scott presenting GET LAMP by John De Cristofaro

To spread the word of GET LAMP (and enjoy my 40th birthday month), I am making appearances throughout the country through a combination of a Jet Blue "All You Can Jet" pass and driving/commuting. I'll be showing the one-hour mix of GET LAMP as well as whatever bonus footage the audience wishes to see, as well as conducting Q&A. If you have an interest in having me appear at a screening in your city, please contact me soon and we can talk about finding a place to hold the screening and what other arrangements might be needed.

September 4th: IF Suite at PAX Prime, Seattle, WA (8pm)
(confirmed) Sheraton Portland, Suite 2516.
September 9th: Backspace Cafe, Portland, OR (7pm)
Presented by the Portland Commodore Users Group (PDXCUG)
(Confirmed) PDXCUG Site Backspace Site
September 11th: Hacker Space Simultaneous Showings, with Skype Appearance by Jason
(confirmed) At i3Detroit, Detroit, MI (3pm) (details) and HacDC, Washington, DC (7pm) (details)
September 12th: Brewvies Cinema and Pub, Salt Lake City, UT (7:30pm) (Over 21)
(Confirmed) Brewvies Cinema Pub Website
September 13th: 40th Birthday, Las Vegas, NV (all day)
(Confirmed) Jason's Weblog Jason's Twitter Feed
September 17th: Noisebridge Space, San Francisco, CA (8:00pm)
(Confirmed) Noisebridge Website and Wiki
September 20th: Pomona College, Claremont, CA (Daytime, Various Classes)
September 20th: Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA (8pm)
(Confirmed) Lecture, Not Screening Machine Project Page
September 26th: Nonesuch Theater, Ft. Collins, Colorado (8pm)
(Confirmed) Nonesuch Theater Site
September 27th: Cinebarre, Thornton, Colorado showing (8pm)
(Confirmed) Cinebarre Site
September 28th: Domy Books, Houston, TX (8:30pm)
(Confirmed) Domy Books Houston Site
October 4th: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
October 5th: Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA
(Confirmed) With interviwee Dennis Jerz
October 6th: Tufts University Interactive Fiction Month, Medford MA
(confirmed) With interviwees Nick Montfort and Andrew Plotkin (and more)
October 7th: Alpha One Labs Hackerspace, Brooklyn, NY (7pm)
(confirmed) Alpha One Website
October 13th: Razorflix, Manhattan, NY (5pm) (confirmed, internal company showing)
October 21st: Google Chicago, Chicago, IL (6pm)
(confirmed) Chicago IF Group screening details
October 22nd: Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library, Shirley, NY
(Confirmed) Library Site
October 27th: Plaistow Public Library, Plaistow, NH (7pm)
(Confirmed) Event Information Library Site
November 7th: Maryland Fencing Club, Abingdon, MD
(Confirmed) MFC Site
November 8th: Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)
University of Maryland, College Park, MD
(Confirmed) MITH Site
November 10th: Ponte Technologies, Ellicott City, MD (6:30pm)
(Confirmed) Ponte Technologies Site/Details

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